Hi Nikki,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great job you and your staff did to cater for our party last Saturday;

– your staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the night.
– the pizzas were of a great quality, and variety, which surprised many people because they came from a mobile oven
– additionally, with two staff serving, the pizzas were plenty and kept coming throughout the night
– the staff catered for any special requests (gluten free, cheeselesseven a white pizza that my father requested  garlic, salt and pineapple?!)

It allowed Angela and I to get on with the rest of the party knowing full well that the food side was well looked after.

So you ticked all the boxes!

Many of our guests enjoyed the quality of pizza, and many said they were full by the end of the night  a big concern being Italians is that there is enough food for everyone, and no one complained which was great, not even my dad!

I am certain you will be utilised by quite a few of our guests in the coming months, so thanks again, a job well done!