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The dough and the sauce…yes thats the secret to an amazing pizza.

Nonno Tony had the recipes that he had brought with him from Naples Italy and he was using them in pizzerias all over Sydney.

I still remember when he Sat me down and with a stern look said, this is the way the dough is made and this is what goes into the sauce.

Now…don’t tell anyone, and thats the way it was.

The dough was made only by a family member and regardless of how many staff you had, you never taught them the dough.

Actually you never made the dough in their presence…just in case they learnt something

Thats the way it was in the late 70’s

Pizzerias were new in Sydney, and ran by Italian families who kept their recipes to themselves.

Each family were convicted that their recipe was the best in Australia.

Nonno Tony was no exception.

To this day we still use the recipes we learnt all those years ago, and passed on the recipes to the new generation that is our kids.

From 1986 we opened our own pizza store and went on to open various pizzerias in Sydney.

In 2004 we were invited to compete in the annual “Best of the Best Pizza” sponsored by Dairy Farmers.

With nothing to lose we entered along with the best pizza chefs from all over Sydney.

After a tense competition over 3 rounds we awaited the results.

Guess What…..


We had won in our first attempt.

We then were invited to compete against the winners of the other states for the Australian Champion which was held in Melbourne.

We headed to Melbourne to represent N.S.W,  with our best ingredients and recipes,  and came a close second to Andy representing South Australia.

Andy went on to represent Australia in the World Championships in New York where he won.

We did end up squaring up against Andy when in 2005 we competed against him on Live T.V on the Kerri Ann Kennely Show on Channel 9.

It was a promotional fun event for Italian Week and Kerri Ann was hosting a Pizza Competition to be judged by Celebrity Chef Mike Moore.

It was with great satisfaction that we WON.

We went on win many more Awards in the Dairy Farmers “Best of the Best” until they ceased holding the event.

In 2012 we competed for a new Award held at Moore Park Sydney.

It was held in two sections, with the winner of each competing against each other in the finals.

We entered both sections.


We Won BOTH sections so the finals had to be canceled.



I still remember when we got the idea to go mobile

It was 2005 and a close friend of mine said “we have Lorna’s 18th birthday coming up and wouldn’t it be great to have fresh pizzas at the party”

This was a great idea and caused a serious sleepless night.

Within 24 hours we had come up with an idea for making some of our equipment portable and mobile pizza catering was born.

As this had never been done before ( as far as we know in the world ) we faced a few challenges

How do we make equipment portable ?

Solutions were found and equipment was ordered and on its way.
I still remember Lorna’s 18th party.

The equipment had arrived just in time and the we set up a make shift pizzeria at the party.

The guests were amazed and we were the talk of the night.

Lorna, now 25 is still a senior member of the Pizza Event family.

We knew we were on a winner.


  • What happens if it rains
  • How do we get the equipment into the backyard
  • How do we feed large groups quickly
  • Can we cook inside
  • What happens if the access is narrow
  • How do get up stairs

All serious questions that needed answering.

We set about solving all the problems we could think of.

Now what we have is a totally portable pizzeria, that can cook inside, outside, handle stairs even a lift.

Some of the exciting events we have gone on to cater for include…

  • Birthdays of all ages from 1 to 85
  • Weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • Every religious ceremony you can think of
  • Concerts including Elton John
  • New Years Eve Parties at Circular Quay Sydney
  • House Warming
  • Bucks and Hens Nights
  • M. TV Party
  • Work functions
  • School Events
  • Council Events
  • NRL Grand Finals
  • Blesloe Cup

You name it I’m sure we have catered it.

Portability…We had created a truly portable pizzeria.

Some of the exciting places we have been able to create our pizzeria….

  • Back yards of every shape and size
  • Office buildings (inside and out)
  • Halls and Bowling Clubs
  • School Halls
  • Inside the house including setting up inside a child bedroom)
  • St Mary’s Cathedral
  • Tennis Courts
  • Inside Musumes
  • Did I mention the Cruise Ship…. Yes true on a Cruise Ship

We still love hearing the guests say “where did you find these guys” to host as they arrive.

Our joy is creating something memorable for everyone who attends a function we cater.

We look forward to adding some magic to your event in the future.



The Mobile Pizza People

PS – Check out our New Web site and also the New Blog at www.pizzaevent.com.au.  

We have blogged loads of ideas and tips that we have picked up catering at 100’s of events designed to make your party a hit.

UPDATE – 2015

We have just arrived back from the World Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

We met some amazing pizza competitors from all over the world, who came to compete in 5 pizza cooking competitions.

Guess what….we found out that WE at Pizza Event are still years ahead in the Mobile Pizza Catering area.

We spoke to many of Americas leading pizza celebrities, and they were amazed at what we are doing in Sydney with mobile pizza.

We have been invited back to Vegas next year to compete in the world pizza competitions.

We will keep you in touch.

For photos and updates don’t forget to checkout our NEW Blog on our….


web site.

We will have photos and helpful party ideas for your next up coming event.


We have just arrived back from the World Pizza Championships in Parma Italy

Confusing ah!

I agree, every year they hold a “world pizza championship in Las Vegas” and another in Parma Italy.

You would think the main one would be Italy, but actually its the event in Vegas, pizza chefs swarm in from all over the world to attend

and compete.

Again we have been invited back for the 2016 event and we will see if we can make and maybe even compete.

We will keep in touch


Marco x